I have spent a lot of time in some small towns surrounding Osaka and Nagoya. They are wonderful places, very



different from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Once outside of a city and away from the main rail lines it gets rural. In a wonderful way. The quiet life of the rural Japanese is set among the rice paddies and tea fields. With a sprinkling of small vegetable gardens. 


Kameyama Rain-2353.jpg



Kameyama - Old Town-4081 - Copy.jpg



Kameyama - Old Town-3916.jpg



Kameyama - Mountains--37.jpg




Kameyama - Old Town-4097 - Copy.jpg



Kameyama - Old Town-3944.jpg



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Kameyama - Mountains--20.jpg



Kameyama - Old Town-3977.jpg



Kameyama - Old Town-3944.jpg



Kameyama - Old Town-3937.jpg